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With 90Degree Dental by your side, you could achieve much more than just making money. We are a dedicated dental implant marketing agency with a proven track record of helping oral surgeons and dentists to thrive in the industry. 

Our slogan is ‘The Right-Angled Approach to Your Dental Implant Marketing Needs’, meaning that we will help you onboard such patients which will establish you as a brand.   

From tailor-made marketing strategies to training programs, creating an effective sales funnel, and providing 360-solutions to your dental marketing needs, our dental implant advertising experts will work up close with you to turn the potential leads into an income-generating sales system. 

Why work with us? 

When you work with us you get get access to:

90 DD Implant Accelerator

You will have access to our flagship Implant Accelerator Program, making your business grow exponentially with the most advanced dental implant marketing solutions.

World-Class Team

You will work closely with a team of SMEs (Subject-matter-experts) who understand the dental implant service market.

Lead Conversion

You will be able to save time and turn prospective leads into regular clients, who want services from you. 

Here are some of our success stories

We bet you are eager to impact your business with the right dental implant marketing strategies, covering your business horizons and delivering service excellence conveniently. So, let’s hear from our happy customers and know what success looks like!

Dr. Sam of the City Dental Centers talks about his experience working with 90 Degree Dental and being able to close over $500,000 in additional revenue from qualified full-arch cases, he was also able to close over $60,000 in Dental Implant Cases in ONE MONTH whilst spending only $1,000 in ad spend

Case Study 1: Dr. Sam on Closing $500,000+ In New Implant Case Revenue With the IAP™

We helped Dr. Beniwal [Perfect Dental] add an Additional $250,000+ in Revenue in his FIRST attempt at Marketing his Dental Office & Implant Services.

Case Study 3: Dr. Beniwal

Dr. Talal of the Charisma Clinic talks about his experience working with 90 Degree Dental and growing from just one dentist and nurse to know having over 5 associates, 2 surgeries, and rapidly growing. We helped him acquire 80+ qualified implant and new patient consultations every single month even throughout the pandemic.

Case Study 2: Dr. Talal Khalil We helped Dr. Talal Scale from $120K/m to over $500k/m in revenue in his first 12 months.

Dr. Patel [Alpha Dental Excellence] added $150,000+ in NEW Dental Implant revenue in his first 5 months using our program, he was able to achieve a 7X ROI with our IAP™ , As well as Collecting $87,000 IN A SINGLE MONTH Through full arch cases.

Case Study 4: Dr. Arpan Patel

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